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Zimbabwe Achievers Award

What is it?

The Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (Z.A.A.) was founded in 2010 by Conrad Mwanza. Z.A.A. is the pinnacle of celebration of talent, art, business, expression and achievement in the Zimbabwean community throughout a very broad spectrum of genre, born out of a simple vision. The Z.A.A is a distinctly special awards ceremony seeking to recognise Zimbabweans who have pushed the limits against all odds to raise the Zimbabwean flag high and do both themselves and their fellow countrymen proud. The Z.A.A. has become one of the most important events in the African community.

The Zimbabwe Achievers Awards U.K.

Advisory Board


Our Vision


and reward the contributions of Zimbabweans to the UK Community


the success of African Migrant contribution


the positive contributions Zimbabweans make to the UK Community


understanding and resonate national harmony by highlighting the positive aspects and impacts of multiculturalism


the United Kingdom as a key destination to create and sustain business across all sectors of industry, despite race, colour, religion and cultural background


the collective migrant spirit in United Kingdom, and celebrate the diversity of the UK


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