Phil Zongo, the recipient of the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards Australia’s prestigious Outstanding Achievement Award, will keynote the 2019 ZAA Australia Awards Ceremony to be held at the InterContinental Hotel in Sydney on Saturday the 23rd of November. ZAA Australia country director, Method Mukundu confirmed Phil Zongo’s billing and stated that, “we are very excited to have Zongo, a previous recipient of ZAA Australia Awards, speak at this year’s gala dinner and I am certain that he will inspire and galvanise the audience to action. As those that attended the previous two events can attest, we are always aiming higher and this year the organising committee is committed to making sure the Sydney event will be the best so far”

Zongo’s acceptance speech at the 2018 ZAA Australia event in Melbourne, in which he challenged delegates to step away from the path of least resistance, inspired thousands of people all over the world. “I had no idea that my personal story, which started with prolonged difficulties, would inspire people from all walks of life to cease blaming circumstances and take extreme ownership of their destinies”, claimed Zongo. “I am humbled and excited to see the ZAA event, which casts spotlight on the great contributions by Zimbabwean Australians, finally coming to the harbour city. I look forward to sharing important lessons from my journey with my fellow countrymen. The most powerful driver for change is when people see those that look like them do something they aspire to do. It numbs fear and inspires possibility”, he continued.

Zongo embarked on transformation journey three years ago and has fast grown to become a voice in-demand on the critical area of cyber resilience. Last year alone, he spoke at more than 14 high-profile events, conferences and universities. Recently, he was invited to co-present to hundreds of business leaders alongside the former Head of the FBI Cyber Crime. He will also be participating on the executive keynote panel at CloudSec 2019, a conference that will bring together more than 1200 delegates to Melbourne.  

In 2018, Zongo published The Five Anchors of Cyber Resilience, which rose to Amazon best-selling list within a week, and remained there for several months. The book has received widespread positive reviews and distributed to dozens of countries. The IT Wire, a respected IT magazine, called the book “a mandatory reading for any senior corporate manager or board member”.

He has written extensively on cyber resilience, blockchain machine learning, killer drones and digital transformation. He has been featured the ISACA International Journal, The Australian Journal of Financial Planning, The New Zealand National Business Review, etc. 

In 2017, Zongo was invited to Chicago, where he was honoured with the International Best Article Award, one of ISACA’s highest global honours that recognises individuals who have made major contributions to the fields of IT governance and cyber security. ISACA is the largest IT governance professional association in the world that serves approximately 460,000 engaged professionals across 180 countries. Phil was also part of the 2019 ISACA Sydney board of directors, a chapter that servers more than 1600 members.

In addition to the 2018 Zimbabwe Outstanding Achievement award, Zongo has received several other accolades, including 2018 Australian African Professional Excellence Award, the Pride of Africa Asia Outstanding in Business Award - recognitions for achievements that far exceed the norm.

He has been nominated for the 2019 Australian Information Security Association (AISA) Cyber Security Professional of the year, among others. He is an influential LinkedIn voice with almost 27 000 connections, and posts generating millions of views.