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About us

The Zimbabwe Achievers Awards(ZAA) is a global-leading, independent organisation that was founded in 2010 by Conrad Mwanza.
The organisation recognises, rewards and celebrates the successes and achievements of Zimbabweans living abroad, in industries or sectors that include business, art, sport, entertainment and music.
The ZAA has become a preeminent organisation that is present in several countries that include the UK, South Africa, USA and Australia.
In addition to its awards ceremonies, ZAA has a sister publication called Zim Abroad that highlights, raises awareness and offers exclusive access to some of the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs, actors, musicians and community champions who have, in some cases, overcome adversity and are representing Zimbabwe internationally.


To recognise, reward and celebrate businesses, organisations and individuals if Zimbabwean heritage who are excelling in the countries they are in. This currently includes the UK, South Africa, USA and Australia


 To be a leading awards body, present in a multiple countries
 Recognise and reward the contributions of Zimbabweans to the UK Community.
 Celebrate the success of African Migrant contribution.
 Highlight the positive contributions Zimbabweans make to the UK Community.
 Create understanding and resonate national harmony by highlighting the positive
aspects and impacts of multiculturalism.
 Highlight United Kingdom as a key destination to create and sustain business across
all sectors of industry, despite race, colour, religion and cultural background.
 Highlight the collective migrant spirit in United Kingdom, and celebrate the diversity of
the UK.


Inspirational – inspiring the community through the people we recognise each year
Teamwork – emphasising the value of teamwork and encouraging our volunteers to
collaborate as they focus on a common goal to help maximise our effectiveness
Passionate – about promoting talent from Zimbabwe
Celebrating hard work – ensuring that individuals, businesses and organisations are
continually highlighted and celebrated
Community Spirit – a commitment to building strong communities
Dynamic – providing a dynamic and supportive organisation, that embraces the full diversity
of our backgrounds and experiences
Relationship building – committed to establishing cooperative relationships with other
institutions or enterprises for added value to the Zimbabwean and African community.

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