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Cecilia Kupera

Cecilia Kupera, one of Zimbabwe’s youngest innovators at the age of 19 years old, has successfully built her media career and brand Effuse in the past years, since she started on her new journey of self discovery. A Journalism student at the University of Salford, Beauty pageant winning model, including published work in Vital Woman Magazine, she has managed to win several titles within the UK African community and Zimbabwean UK community.
With a passion for empowerment and positivity, she currently is the Chief Editor and Founder of Effuse Magazine, which is a platform for young people within different communities coming together showcasing their talents. The platform Effuse was introduced by Cecilia after going through life experiences which gave her a voice to be able to help others who might have or those currently facing similar situations as her. Effuse, as a brand and a Magazine, has grown to be known internationally and has touched the hearts of many world wide with the positive message it sends.
One of her most recent awards includes Young Woman Achiever of the Year for Black African Women Rock awards hosted in United Kingdom. She has managed to use different platforms to put the African Community and Zimbabwean culture on the map. Cecilia is currently working on her magazine which focuses on empowering and educating the young and the old through celebration of arts, achievement, culture and entertainment.
As an aspiring journalist, Cecilia currently works with Afro Retro Barcelona as their writer and publicist, Vital Woman Magazine, published articles by Nehanda Radio, managing three other different blogs including TKC Church blog and the chief editor of her own magazine Effuse.
At a very young age Cecilia Kupera has managed to gain high recognition with the different inspirational platform she works with.
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