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Blessing Maregere

panelist1Blessing is a 21 year old Multi-Award winning Entrepreneur, Author & Inspirational speaker. Blessing moved to the UK in 2006 from Zimbabwe to live with the family. After finishing his GCSE exams in 2009 he struggled to find a part time job, so he decided if he cant find a job he is going to create one for himself. Blessing launched a contract cleaning company called Essential Cleaning Company. ECS provided contract cleaning services to local business. The business was a success, after 3 months Blessing was employing 6 cleaning staff and turning over £10K monthly. Blessing went on to sell the business after trading for a year. In 2010 He launched his own social enterprise charity called Bright Futures Enterprise, BFE is on a mission to inspire young people to become successful. Since launching in 2010 Bright Futures Enterprise has received over £50K of grant funding and it has worked with over 15,000 young people nationwide. Whilst running BFE Blessing is also an Inspirational speaker, Youth success coach and also is the Director & property specialist for Estates Direct. More info:

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