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ZAA South Africa Gala Dinner

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Hello South Africa, here is something to put a smile on your face on a Monday morning.
We’re coming back this December!!!😁
Time to get those dazzling outfits and the tuxedos pressed as we get ready to celebrate each other once more.
Saturday 5 December 2020 at The Venue Melrose Arch, Johannesburg
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leslyicdigitalZAA South Africa Gala Dinner
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ZAA UK and South Africa Call for Nominations

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The Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA) International has commenced its 2018 campaigns for its UK and South Africa Editions.(ZAA) UK returns for its 8 th  Anniversary with organisers calling on the public to nominate prospective recipients for this year’s honours while S
outh Africa has been growing strong and plans are underway for its 4 th  Edition.

Award nominations are now open across all categories and the public will have until 31st January to put forward those individuals and organisations they feel have distinguished themselves in various ventures over the past year. The nominee announcement for both editions are scheduled to take place in March and the awards ceremonies are scheduled for April in South Africa and May in the UK. “From our professionals working in various fields to our artists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and charities, Zimbabwean talent is making its presence felt in our host countries’’ the Chairman for ZAA International Conrad Mwanza said.

He added, “the idea for ZAA was birthed from my motivation to recognise the hard work and achievements of Zimbabweans living and working abroad. Every year, I continue to be amazed at how . Zimbabweans continue to break barriers in their respective fields and that’s what keeps ZAA relevant.”

ZAA International has also released a 3 tier ticket range with early birds at £65pp before 31st  January, £75pp from 1st February to 31st  March and £85pp thereafter. South Africa will follow a similar model with R500 in January, R650pp in February and R800pp thereafter. As per our usual standards, both events will include a 3 course meal and a drinks reception, added Bridget Mudhosi, ZAA South Africa Director.

The high profile occasion has become the highpoint of celebration for professional and artistic achievements by Zimbabweans around the world. Last October, ZAA successfully launched another edition in Australia. The organisers, who have consolidated the awards brand in the UK, US and South Africa felt it was time to extend the platform to Australia, which hosts a number of Zimbabweans. There is a huge pull to host the event in the Motherland and plans are now underway.

carloskhumaloZAA UK and South Africa Call for Nominations
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Zim Achievers Awards nominations now open

Arts Correspondent

The Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA) have returned for their fifth edition with organisers calling on the public to nominate prospective recipients for this year’s honours.

This year’s awards will be held on Saturday 9 May 2015 at the same prestigious venue as last year’s event – the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, London.

Award nominations opened in the first week of January across all categories and the public will have until 15 February to put forward those individuals and organisations they feel have distinguished themselves in various ventures over the past year.

ZAA Executive Director, Brian Nyabunze, said this year’s awards will benefit from the ever rising achievements of the Zimbabwean community, which keeps pushing into mainstream British society and making its presence felt.

“From our professionals working in various fields to our artistes, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and charities, Zimbabwean talent is shining through every barrier and making its presence felt in our host society. These are the kind of achievers we will have the honour to recognise this year,” Nyabunze said.

Nominations can be made on until 15 February 2015, with the finalists being announced in early March.

Organisers have chosen to stick to the same 5 star venue as last year, the luxurious five-star Royal Garden Hotel in London’s affluent Kensington district. With spectacular views of Kensington Palace, which was the late Princess Diana’s official residence, and the magnificent Kensington Gardens, the hotel provides a fitting aura of splendour to what is set to be a night of memorable celebration.

“The reviews we received for ZAA 2014 were hugely positive and our guests told of how they luxuriated in the beautiful ambience of the Royal Garden Hotel. And so when it came to picking a venue for our fifth anniversary, it was a no brainer,” Nyabunze added.

Tickets are also now available at a discount of £69.95 until 15th February 2015. Organisers are continuing with the tried and tested world class ticketing system that was introduced last year and allows prospective guests to choose their seats upon purchasing their tickets. All tickets are being sold exclusively on

The high profile occasion has become the highpoint of celebration for professional and artistic achievements by Zimbabweans in the UK.

Last November, ZAA successfully launched its counterpart in Jo’burg, South Africa. The Organisers, who have efficaciously established this brand of awards in the UK, felt it was time to extend their branch to include South Africa on their calendar because of the huge presence of Zimbabweans in the country.

The ZAA organisers are this year set to take the ZAA’s to Zimbabwe, and a date is still to be announced for this inaugural edition.

The ZAA has over the five years established itself as the premium platform for recognising the achievements of Zimbabweans ad people of Zimbabwean heritage living in the UK.

For more information or to nominate visit



Peter SokoZim Achievers Awards nominations now open
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Nominations now open for ZAA 2015

May 9th, 2015 has now been set for the 5th edition of the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA), in London.


Nominations for this prestigious event are now open and there are over 16 awards, including 10 special recognition awards honouring individuals who distinguished themselves in various ventures over the past year.


The annual ZAA’s celebrate the successes and or achievements of Zimbabweans in the UK and elsewhere across a range of categories that include business, the creative arts and sports.


Members of the public are encouraged to nominate and select the potential award winners across various categories on the Zim Achievers website.


The awards set to take place on 9th May 2015 will be held at the Royal Garden Hotel in London.


The deadline for this year’s nominations is 15th February 2015, with the finalists being announced in early March.


Tickets are also now on sale at a special discount of £69.95 until February 15th.


The ZAA’s have fast become the leading awards show for Zimbabweans in the UK.

Peter SokoNominations now open for ZAA 2015
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“Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” ZAA 2014 Charity Support

“Munhu munhu nekuda kwevanhu” “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”
“Not all of us can do great things. But we can all do small things with great love” (Mother Teresa) and that is exactly what the five charities the ZAA are supporting this year, are each doing, in their Individual ways

Fundraising for Mpilo Maternity Hospital


Initiative started a group of Zimbabwe friends in UK, the group collects blankets, baby clothes, equipment and send them to Zimbabwe to help Mpilo Hospital, A noble cause that ZAA is proud to support


Chirovakamwe School Library Fundraising Initiative 


Started after the Westminster West Rotary Club’s Visit to Zimbabwe, The Rotary Club pledged to build a Library for Chirovakamwe School



Zimbabwe Educational Trust is a diaspora-led charity based in the UK, working to support Zimbabwean communities in their efforts to keep children in school and out of poverty.

Founded in 1987, ZET’s initial goal was to help children from the newly independent Zimbabwe access higher education. In the 1980s, Zimbabwe had one of the best education systems in Africa, but suffered from a chronic lack of tertiary education. During the 1990s, ZET helped thousands of young Zimbabweans travel to the UK to study at colleges and universities across the country, obtaining fee waivers and accommodation for students

Global Hand of Giving

Global Hand of giving

Started by Linda Satimburwa using her own resources, Global Hand of Giving has helped pay for many children some upto University Level in her home town of Honde Valley


Vanavevhu – Children of the Soil provides support and advocates for child-headed households in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second largest city. Incorporated in Illinois in 2007, Vanavevhu welcomed its first child heads in 2010.Vanavevhu has stabilized the lives of these at-risk youth by providing reliable assistance with food, education, and the cost of utilities, along with workshops that capitalize on their already formidable entrepreneurial instincts.

leslyicdigital“Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” ZAA 2014 Charity Support
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ZAA Headline Performer: Prudence

prudence 2

Prudence Katomeni Mbofana is a talented jazz songstress who was born in Harare Zimbabwe in 1977. She has performed on numerous stages  worldwide for many years. She is vibrant and sassy, and listening to her is always entertaining. She has mastered the various complexities of jazz and sure knows how to use those skills to create beautiful sounds. Prudence through out her professional career has lent her voice on various projects namely The Cool Crooner, Victor Kunoga Tanga wekwa Sando and Jazz Invitation these projects have produced hit tunes such as Wake, Dhlomo and BP. In 2011 Prudence launched her much anticipated self-titled debut album. The diverse collection of songs has something for everyone and the album is a captivating piece of mastery.

Prudence is an award winning actress who has been putting Zimbabwe on the map from a tender age. She has won four awards in her 1993 role in ‘More Time’ which included an Mnet Movie Award forBest Actress and more recently,Playing  Warriors .Prudence Was with Jazz Invitation for a decade, and toured and shared a stage  legends such as Miriam Makeba, Take Six and Ladysmith Black Mambazo. The band released its debut album titled ‘The Rehearsal Room’, and then toured Namibia with the album. Prudence also featured on the Cool Crooners’ second album released 2005 ‘Isatilo’. They toured extensively together, going to countries in the French territory and to Namibia.

International noteworthy performances:

  • Molde Jazz in Molde (Germany)
  • Olimpia Paris France
  • Mal Festival in Oslo, Norway’s capital, with an all female band called Wo-calling.
  • Prudence was also invited as a guest singer to the Women’s Summit which took place in Namibia
  • She four sold out shows in Denmark in March 2013 to celebrate International Woman’s Day which was hosted by All4Children

Zimbabwean noteworthy performances:

  • Had a sold out opening concert at HIFA 2013 where almost 1000 fans packed the 7Arts Theatre of which she has been a part of for the last six years
  • Italian October Jazz International Festival in Harare Zimbabwe
  • Winter Jazz Festival
  • Women in Jazz Festival

Prudence’s knowledge of Jazz music and her command and presence of live performances has established her as a reputable brand that every citizen off Zimbabwe even beyond our borders can identify with, her songs and lyrics address everyday life issues. She is undoubtedly a Zimbabwean super brand and continues to get better and better with every performance.

leslyicdigitalZAA Headline Performer: Prudence
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Mathias ‘Matty’ Julius at ZAA 2014

Mathias ‘Matty’ Julius

Mathias ‘Matty’ Julius

HE is the consummate artist whose irrepressible talents could not be limited to a single discipline.

Audiences in Zimbabwe and abroad came to know him as a dancer and choreographer with the esteemed dance company, Tumbuka.

But on the 10th of May, guests to this year’s edition of the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA) in London will rock and skank to the multilingual, soulful reggae vibes of Mathias ‘Matty’ Julius.

The silky-voiced crooner, who has recorded two albums to date, is fast emerging as one of Africa’ most exciting original reggae artists.

At a time when West Africa is sweeping the continent in a harmattan of the highly infectious Afrobeats rhythms, Matty is helping to shore up reggae music on the continent.

He has been featured extensively in the media and has also performed live on the BBC World Service.

Singing in Shona, Ndebele and English, Matty writes about love, life and the challenges facing many of his compatriots today.

His music draws on a variety of influences, from traditional and popular Zimbabwean music to reggae and dub.
Ever since the legendary Bob Marley came to perform at Zimbabwe’s inaugural independence celebrations in 1980, reggae music came to be a key part of the country’s urban youth culture, particularly in the working class townships.

But while the “ghetto youths” (as they affectionately refer to themselves in their music) have launched into the more brash, boisterous and street-wise dancehall sub-culture, Matty has stuck to what he knows and does best.

He belongs to an enduring community of Zimbabwean original reggae artists who have stuck to their craft despite the vicissitudes of the economy and the music market.

Of his journey to recording artiste via dance and choreography, Matty says: “Since I was a kid my dream was to be a performer – music or dance.

“And I started with music as a teenager trying to do the old dancehall we called digital in those days, playing pots and pans to make ‘riddims’.

“Then around the early nineties I found myself wearing tights, doing ballet and contemporary dance with Tumbuka Dance Company, and I fell in love with dance and travelling and seeing the world.”

“I was always singing throughout my dancing career, and then in 2006 I decided to set up my own recording studio and start to make music.

“So I have a soft spot for both. Dance will always be in me but music is growing in me now. I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to pursue both my dreams,” he explains.

His debut album, “Here I Come”, was recorded in 2006 and is currently selling online on iTunes, Amazon and other online stores.
In 2011 Matty followed this up with a second album, “Don’t Look Back”, which received generous airplay on Zimbabwean stations and on international online radio stations in the UK, the US, Canada, South Africa and Australia.

The hit song “Twenty-Ten”, an innovative collaboration with Zimbabwean star Oliver Mtukudzi, featured in Zimbabwe’s top twenty. “Pahushamwari Hwedu” was the Tafara-born Matty’s huge hit single released in March 2012.

A collaboration between well-known artists on Zimbabwe’s reggae scene, it features Matty, Mannex Motsi, Thanda Richardson, Kalabash, Cello Culture, Mary Motsi, Chaza, J.Farai, and Lady Squanda.

“The track is about reggae artists in Zimbabwe coming together as one, about togetherness as a nation, about peace and loving one another,” Matty says. Pahushamwari Hwedu, Mathias “matty” Julius

But in an urban youth culture that is awash with a cacophony of foreign sounds, from Hip-hop, R&B and Soul to Kwaito, Funky House and even Soukous, how did Matty come to settle for reggae?

“When I started recording I made collaborations with Hip-hop/R&B/Soul, which was fun, but whenever I heard a reggae beat it always gave me inspiration,” he said.

“That’s when I decided reggae was for me. I have always liked reggae and after playing a lot of dancehall in the mid-nineties, the older I got the less I liked fast music. That’s why I prefer slow roots reggae vibes.”

It is hard enough grinding out recognition by music fans in one’s country, let alone in a foreign capital with its steamrolling mainstream musical culture that seems to consign everything else to the margins.

But right on the cultural margins of British society is where Matty’s people can be found: Zimbabweans, other African and Afro-Caribbean migrant communities, and pretty much every cultural moth attracted to the vibrant, the creatively incandescent and different.

“Being here in the UK has made me raise my game even more. It’s great to see so many other people from all over the world performing to their highest standard and that’s opened up more creativity in me,” Matty said.

“The Zimbabwean Diaspora in the UK – or at least around London – are starting to get to know my music. I think they might appreciate and accept my music because it has a different vibe to much of the new music coming out of Zimbabwe today.

“I now have a fan base coming from the Yorira Ngoma event which I co-founded with Tomson Chauke at the end of 2013. And I’m happy that I’ve had positive feedback from audiences when I’ve performed elsewhere too, which is cool.”

For a young Southern African vocalist to pick up the microphone and sing reggae music to the world one is inevitably accosted by references and comparisons to anti-apartheid and social justice hero Lucky Dube, whose African interpretations of the Jamaican genre received global acclaim. Is Matty fazed by these expectations?

“I am a Lucky Dube fan; he was certainly one of the reggae giants coming out of Africa,” he said.
“In terms of my journey, I started performing for my Zimbabwean people first but I would like to perform more abroad and to get more recognition both at home and overseas.

“I know the road can be long but I’m happy with the positive reception I’m getting so far here in the UK. But only God knows where my journey will end up.”

Guests to the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards gala dinner at the regal Royal Garden Hotel in the fashionable district of Kensington will get to witness Matty’s unfolding journey and rock steadily to his soulful lover’s rock reggae.

Now in their fourth season, the ZAA are sponsored by new money transfer company ZymPay and have become the flagship platform for recognising the achievements of the Zimbabwean community in the UK. Tickets to the event are available for a limited time on the ZAA website.

Matty joins an exciting line-up of performers brought in by organisers to raise the bar even higher this year and give guests an all-round exquisite experience to remember.

leslyicdigitalMathias ‘Matty’ Julius at ZAA 2014
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Farai & The Forest Dawn to rock Zim Achievers Awards

EVER wondered what Cold Play would sound like if Chris Martin grew up in Bulawayo, hooked up with a rock guitarist with an intuitive ear for the rhythms of his African heritage, and together formed a band with two British boys and a Russian drummer?

Meet Farai & The Forest Dawn, the exciting new quintet whose heady brew of multiple musical strains, finished with a dash of Africa, is fast winning converts on London’s live music circuit.

Comprising the Zimbabwe-born pair of lead singer Farai Muvuti and guitarist Nathan Majongwe, keyboardist Jonathan Morris, bass guitarist Jobey Bell and drummer Kirill Khassine, the band is now set to perform at their grandest venue yet.

On the 10th of May, they make their way to the luxurious five-star Royal Garden Hotel in London’s affluent Kensington district to jam at the annual Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA). This year’s awards are sponsored by new money transfer company, ZimPay.

With spectacular views of Kensington Palace and the magnificent Kensington Gardens, the hotel provides a fitting aura of splendour to what is set to be a night of memorable celebration.

It is fitting that the ZAA has invited Farai & The Forest Dawn to come and entertain guests and award recipients on the night. The band has just emerged from a remarkable triumph of its own. Over the course of 15 weeks, from 2nd November 2013 to 8th February 2014, they battled 80 bands from across the UK at the Boisdale Jukebox in Canary Wharf, and emerged as winners of the Battle of the Bands 2014.

It was a remarkable feat that announced their arrival on the scene as a serious creative force. They stormed to victory largely on their own compositions, having initially introduced themselves to music fans through a handful of Youtube cover versions of Motown classics such as Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’.

Muvuti explained this strategic approach: “When you look at the history of bands, including our very own Thomas Mapfumo and Oliver Mtukudzi, they started by covering popular genres to build a following before introducing their own material.

We started with what was closer to home in terms of the sound we wanted to put out, which was Motown. But we came with a different twist to it – basically we wanted to converge the sounds you know from Motown and from current pop rhythms, and infuse them with a touch of Africa just to show our appreciation of where we come from and who we are.”

But with members of the group hailing from diverse musical and cultural backgrounds whose broad sweep covers everything from Afropop, Soul, Folk, Rock and R&B, it was inevitable that the group would soon set aside the cover versions and to step out in their own skin.

“We decided that we’ve got lots of songs to do, we’ve got lots of material that we need to work on,” guitarist Majongwe said, explaining the band’s decision to end the cover versions and start playing their own music.

Their material covers the full gamut of life, from love and relationships to work and social issues, and is set to an eclectic mix of melodies and rhythms that reflect the band’s multicultural heritage.

But in a music industry that invests in tried and tested formulas and shuns unfamiliar sounds that may present a marketing risk, which established act would the band be happy to be likened to?

“Our music is in the same style as Bruno Mars, with just a touch of Cold Play and Kings of Leon,” Muvuti said, “Our lyrics exude a universal simplicity and our choruses are short and specific and easy to sing along to.”

The ZAA celebrates the achievements of the Zimbabwean community in the UK and promotes corporate social responsibility through supporting charitable causes. ZAA executive director Brian Nyabunze expressed satisfaction with the progress of preparations for this year’s show.

“We’re just making the final tweaks to our preparations to ensure our guests enjoy a memorable experience of exquisite quality. Tickets are moving fast and table bookings are working efficiently, thanks to the world class ticketing system we’ve put in place,” Nyabunze said.

leslyicdigitalFarai & The Forest Dawn to rock Zim Achievers Awards
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After Party


After the awards ceremony, there will be an opportunity to mingle with award winners, nominees and other guests as the after party gets underway at the same venue, Royal Garden Hotel, till the early hours of the morning.

leslyicdigitalAfter Party
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