ZAA 10th Anniversary

The Zimbabwe Achievers Awards are a unique brand that recognises and celebrates the incredible feats and innovations of Zimbabweans in the diaspora, culminating in an annual awards show in all of our five editions around the world.

Since inception in 2010 in the UK the awards have become a premiere event on the diaspora social calendar and activities a II year round and branching out to hold editions in 4 other countries namely USA, Canada,Australia and South Africa.

The 10th Anniversary Homecoming edition makes its maiden bow on home ground in landmark celebrations in the country that has been so well represented by the diaspora communities. Set for the world famous Victoria Falls, the ZAA 10th Anniversary is well primed for the biggest event yet in the awards’ decade long of existence, with alI roads from far and beyond heading to the resort town.

jonathankanjangaZAA 10th Anniversary