The ZAA Sponsors

The Zimbabwe Achievers Awards recognise and reward the contribution of the Zimbabwe Diaspora Community’s excellence in all areas of life – from business to sport, entertainment to public service, the arts to charitable good works. A unique platform from which to showcase the valuable and distinctive contribution made by members of the Diaspora community. All the award categories provide sponsors with exceptional brand exposure.

The event will be a glamorous, quality-first occasion for which only the best is good enough. The night will be attended by a target audience of business leaders, influential political figures and movers and shakers from the African Diaspora and Canadian Community.

Naturally, sponsors’ brands will benefit by association. In addition, they will enjoy a direct route to key decision-makers within the community on the evening itself, as well as pre- and post-event, through extensive advertising, marketing and public relations activities. For strategic Partnership and Sponsorship please call/whatsapp +1 (780) 200-0935