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Meet 2015 Female Entrepreneur nominee Marygold Challenor

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Female entrepreneur of the year 2015 nominee, Marygold Challenor

Name: Marygold Challenor 

Category: Female Entrepreneur

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am an up and coming entrepreneur. Even though I’d been raised in a business family, I had never thought of becoming a businesswoman in my own right. However, after redundancy I decided to train in massage therapy and I started a successful massage service in Rugby.

How did you find out that you had been shortlisted for the Zim Achievers Awards?

Being a business person who utilises social media to market and network I found that I had been shortlisted on a business colleague’s page on Facebook who was complaining that he hadn’t been shortlisted.

How did you feel when you found out you had been shortlisted?

I was pleased and surprised as I did not think that my business had that high a profile and that people thought so much of my business. I was also pleased with opportunities this gives me to further develop my business, both marketing and networking.

What would winning the award mean to you?

I would be extremely happy, as it would be a great honour to be recognised by my peers in the UK Zimbabwean community (and beyond). And for me personally it would recognise my hard work and effort in setting up and making a success of my massage business, especially as this business is not one normally associated with the African community. It would also be an honour to my late mother-in-law who encouraged me to start my own business and I would therefore dedicate the award to her.

What motivates you?

I am passionately committed to the delivery of excellent service with the drive and ambition required to ensure that objectives are achieved. I am a proactive and dynamic professional with an outstanding track record of success in client focused environments. I am very experienced in working with people and have the confidence of leading and motivating others to maximise their potential and deliver the best results. I possess good communication skills and have the ability to make decisions, all of which motivates me, and others, to achieve goals.

Mandla StoneMeet 2015 Female Entrepreneur nominee Marygold Challenor

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