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Meet 2015 Female Entrepreneur nominee Lisa Chuma

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Lisa Chuma

Women’s Expo Switzerland founder, Lisa Chuma

Name: Lisa Chuma

Category: Female Entrepreneur of the Year

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Lisa Chuma. I am the founder of the Women’s Expo Switzerland , the marketing and networking platform for female business owners who are ready to strategically leverage community and collaboration to gain visibility for their businesses.

When Goldman Sachs, newspapers and female business owners need an infusion of courage and inspiration, they call me. I am a results-oriented entrepreneur who is strong-willed. I am also a powerful networker and connector.

How did you find out you had been nominated?

Through the ZAA website.

What was the feeling when you found out you had made the shortlist?

I felt honoured.

What would it mean to win?

For me a WIN means hundreds of female business owners can get more visibility. It would be great to WIN because the WIN is not mine alone.

What keeps you motivated?

Knowing that what I do every day benefits hundreds of female business owners; knowing that what I do daily inspires my children and that one day they will look at me as their role model. Additionally, knowing that every bit of success I achieve is not mine alone but it’s ours together with other female business owners – so I always have other people to celebrate with.

What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on the Women’s Expo Switzerland – a platform where female business owners present their businesses face-to-face to a new audience in order to build new relationships with their potential customers, boost visibility for their businesses and meet other female business owners to collaborate with so they expand their business reach. #CONNECTtoCOLLABORATE

I am also working on the TEDxZurich Women speech which takes place in May.

Mandla StoneMeet 2015 Female Entrepreneur nominee Lisa Chuma

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